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Stress Management

Stress in the Workplace

Stress occurs when the pressure exceeds your percieved ability to cope. (S.Palmer 1995)

Stress is believed to account for over 30 per cent of sickness absence in the NHS, costing the service £300-400 million per year. About 12million adults see their GP each year with mental health problems, the ajority of it stress related.

Please find on the links below, tips and tricks on how to recognise and deal with stress.If you see one you like please download and print. 

Other information on stress:

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website provides further information and resources in relation to stress:

  • ‘Work-related stress’ HSE website page
  • ‘Work-related stress: Resources’ HSE website page
  • ’Board Director/Chief Executive Officer: Your role in the management standards’ HSE website page
  • ‘Line Manager Competency Indicator Tool’ HSE online tool
  • Interventions to Control Stress at Work in Hospital Staff, Contract Research Report (2002)
  • How to tackle work-related stress: A guide for employers on making the Management Standards work (2009)
  • Managing the causes of work-related stress: A step-by-step approach using the Management Standards (2009)

Royal College Nursing (RCN) website provides further information and resources in relation to stress for nurses:

  • Managing Your Stress: A guide for nurses (2005)
  • RCN Working Well Initiative Guidance on traumatic stress management in the health care sector (2007)
  • Work-related stress: A good practice guide for RCN representatives (2009)


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