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Staff Wellbeing Events & Calendar

The next event is at Heartlands in the Educaiton Centre on Tuesday the 6th of Septmeber.

The Staff Wellbeing events run over all three hospital sites throughout the year. With fun engaging activities, plenty of useful information and normally some freebies they are a fantastic way of learning what is available to you as a staff member. So far we have recieved very positive feedback from the events and we hope to build on the momentum. So come along, see whats available and enjoy the day. As you can see below there are a variety of reasons to pop in.

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Wellbeing activities have a positive impact on staff engagement, sickness absence and turnover and motivation which benefits everyone. As can be seen below, there are a wide variety of wellbeing events throughout the year with information on a diverse range of topics.

If you follow the link below, you will find a convenient poster that can be printed and placed on your work noticeboard.

Calendar of Events

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