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Dry January

Sign up for Dry January for better sleep, more money in your pocket, healthier insides, more energy, brighter skin, and so much more!

In 2018, 88% of participants saved money, 71% had better sleep, and 58% lost weight.

Dry January is the annual movement through which millions of people give up alcohol for the month of January. It is run by the charity Alcohol Change UK.

The rules

  1. No alcohol from when you wake up on New Year's Day until 1 February.

... And that's all!

If you decide to have a drink, that's totally up to you. A drier January is still something to be proud of, and your body will thank you!

But if you can make it through the month alcohol-free, you'll get bigger benefits. The biggest benefit of all is that you'll see you don't need alcohol to have fun, go out, stay in, relax or do anything else you might associate with drinking. And knowing that will help you take control of your drinking year-round.

Why do Dry January?

Taking part in Dry January is a chance to ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, and save some serious money by giving up alcohol for 31 days.

But does it work?

Yes! 72% of people who do Dry January are still drinking less riskily six months later (according to the alcohol AUDIT, a World Health Organisation measure of risky drinking). Giving your body a break from booze for January is pretty good for it, but Dry January helps people cut down longer term too, and that has so many more benefits. You can read the published paper on Voluntary Temporary Abstinence From Alcohol During “Dry January” and Subsequent Alcohol Use.

Get the app

You can now download the new and improved Dry January app from alcohol change UK. And the best news? It's free.

Using the app you can:

  • Track your units, calories and money saved
  • Works for a month off or year-round drink tracking
  • Use the health quiz to check up on your drinking
  • Keep track of your current and best ever dry streaks
  • Receive regular support emails if you want them

Don't have a smart phone? You can sign up for Dry January email support here.


Is Dry January for charity?

First and foremost, Dry January is for YOU. It's your chance to give booze a break. Your chance for better skin, more energy, a healthier body, better sleep and a whole load more benefits to boot.

Dry January is run by the charity Alcohol Change UK.

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