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Appointments - FAQ's

What happens when I book an appointment? 

You will be seen for your appointment in the Occupational Health Department at Good Hope, Heartlands or Solihull Hospital and the site will be stated on your letter.  

What happens if I want to change my appointment?

If you wish to re-arrange a planned appointment please telephone the Occupational Health Department on the appropriate site on the telephone numbers provided on your letter.  The departments are open Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. (except bank holidays).  Please do so before 10.00 a.m. the previous working day, or the appointment will be denoted ‘DNA’ (did not attend).

Is there anything I need to do or bring with me to my appointment?

If you are attending for immunisations, please bring along proof of any immunisations that you have received in the past.  Also bring along proof of identity, in the form of a Photo Driving Licence or Passport so that blood tests can be validated if required.  Please update your personal details when you attend.

Why have I been referred?

The Work and Wellbeing staff work closely with the HR Department, Managers and staff to provide advice on fitness to work for staff referred to them.  The initial referral will be discussed and agreed with the member of staff and their manager prior to a referral being made to Occupational Health.  Further information can be found in the Trust Sickness Absence Policy.

What will be said in the letter to managers?

Information given to an Occupational Health professional may be disclosed to the manager to enable a decision regarding fitness to work to be undertaken or possible changes or adaptations to be made. The Occupational Health professional will obtain your consent prior to any release of information.

Who will see my Occupational Health records?

The Occupational Health records are stored confidentially in both a paper based and electronic form within the Occupational Health Department and can only be accessed by Occupational Health staff.  Your permission has to be provided before information can be shared with other parties.

Will Occupational Health write to my General Practitioner/Hospital Specialist for information?

Further information may be required from your GP or Specialist to make a decision regarding your health.  Your signed consent is required before this information can be requested.

What if I do not feel able to attend an appointment at Occupational Health?

Please telephone the Occupational Health Department where your appointment has been booked.  The consultation may be able to be carried out over the telephone at the same date and time, depending on the reason for your referral.

What disabled access is there?

The Occupational Health Department at Solihull and Heartlands Hospital is on the Ground Floor and there is wheelchair access.  At Good Hope there is a lift available.  If you have any concerns then please telephone the Occupational Health Department where your appointment is booked.

Questions about what happens on the day of appointment

How long will my appointment take?

If you are attending for an immunisation assessment then your appointment will not last longer than 30 minutes. 
If you are attending for a Management Referral, then an appointment with Occupational Health will be 30 minutes up to one hour.
Counselling support appointments will last for 1 hour.

What happens during my appointment?

If you are attending for an immunisation assessment then your vaccination status will be assessed depending on your role.  Advice will be given and vaccination commenced or blood tests taken. 

What happens if you refuse to have a vaccination?

You can refuse to have a vaccination but restrictions may be placed on your practice, if you are deemed a risk to yourself or patients.

How soon will I get results of blood tests etc?

Routine blood test results are usually processed in 7 days and a copy of the laboratory report will be posted to you.  Other results may take longer.

How do you ensure that sensitive personal identifiable information is handled securely and confidentially?

Your information is handled in line with all Trust policies and the data protection act.

Can I have a copy of my Immunisation history?

Please telephone the Occupational Health Department if you would like a copy of your immunisation history.  Please keep this in a safe place as there may be a charge for subsequent copies.

What restrictions we need to sometimes place on employees?

The Occupational Health Medical staff may place restrictions to your role if there could be a risk to yourself or others.

What measures are in place to ensure customers receive a high quality service?

The Work and Wellbeing Service audit their services on a regular basis to ensure that they are meeting Occupational Health standards.  We welcome feedback and suggestions for improving our services.

How do I make a complaint/give feedback?

If you wish to make a complaint, please refer to the complaints handling process above.  We appreciate your feedback, good or bad on the feedback questionnaire attached to the website.

Click here to view our customer relations and complaints procedure:  http://sharepoint/policies/Office%20Documents/Customer%20Relations%20and%20Complaints%20Policy%20and%20Procedure%20V8.0.doc

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