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What is self-care?

The facts behind the mental health buzzword...

Most of us make efforts to look after our physical health; going to the

gym, eating healthy food and doing everyday maintenance like cleaning

our teeth – but do we do enough to support our mental health?

Self-care has become a popular term in the mental health sphere in recent years - and

it can cover a wide variety of activities and approaches to maintaining a positive state

of mind. Self-care techniques can vary widely from person-to-person but the common

theme is that they involve making time to allow oneself to decompress from the

stresses of everyday life and work.

At the lighter end of the spectrum it might mean going for a spot of pampering as a

treat, while on a clinical level it could mean undertaking mindfulness exercises as a

form of therapy. We are all unique so the term involves something slightly different for

everyone who practices it - here are some examples:

Connect with friends and family - Take time to nourish your connections with

other people and you'll almost certainly feel better for it.

Make time for your hobbies - It's important to take a few hours just for

yourself now and again – especially if you can fill them with a healthy outdoors

activity like a country walk or bike ride.

Look after yourself - The mental health charity, Mind, recommends getting

enough sleep, avoiding drink and drugs, staying physically active, eating

healthily and making time for personal care – i.e. everyday physical

maintenance tasks like getting your hair cut.

Practice relaxation or mindfulness - Do whatever helps you to relax; maybe

have a bath, listen to music or meditate. Many people benefit from using

mindfulness techniques to become more aware of their moods and emotions.


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